Finding Parallels Between Toes and Life

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A Basic Guide To Wearing Men’s Socks In The Best Way Possible

Even though socks are an essential wardrobe necessity, most people seem to ignore these elements of dressing so much forgetting the vital roles they play when it comes to taking care of one’s feet. The socks one wears are not only meant to protect one’s feet from unfriendly conditions but also to create a good image about the wearer. Socks not only protect one’s feet from harsh conditions such as heat, cold, gravel among others but also help to prevent feet related infections, create a good personal image both at work and from the society too. Wearing the socks the right way should be on top of one’s fashion tips since they may greatly ruin one’s image if not worn perfectly and it is due to this that a guide is provided to ensure that all sock wearers attain the best look every time they look those fancy socks to whatever event and for whichever reason they do.

Socks can never be worn in the right way without considering the shoe type that is being worn together with them. Each shoe type has the brand of socks they go best with failure to which the wearer of the socks would only end up looking like a clown. Color is also another essential aspect when wearing socks since the color of the shoes, and that of the socks should complement each other which for instance explains why dress shoes can never be worn with white socks to come up with a perfect look.

Another essential rule to wearing your socks perfectly is your shoes should at least match your pants and not your shoes. Although most people are unaware of this, or maybe just ignore it, every time one sits, the socks become visible to the surrounding which creates a solid line of color connecting your pants and socks. When it comes to color, socks should have the same color as the wearer’s pants and not the shoes although most people do the exact opposite which always ends up breaking the line of connection of the look.

It is totally un acceptable to wear your socks with beach sandals and shorts. Wearing your shorts with socks is one of the major fashion crimes one can ever commit in the industry. Long legs are one of the cutest and most attractive, but the short-sock look is the greatest enemy and hindrance to achieving it.

Finding Similarities Between Toes and Life

The Ultimate Guide to Socks



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